Job Description (JD)

Nama ProgramPacket Switch Core Network Architecture [EE-037-5:2012]
Kod CUEE-037-5:2012-C02
Tajuk CUPacket Switch Project Planning & Development
Penerangan CUPacket Switch project planning and development is focusing on the planning process to achieve the organisation goal which has been identified in accordance with master plan and company policy. The personnel who are competent in the Packet Switch Project Planning & Development be able to identify forecast and dimensioning, develop design and solution , plan data fill requirement, plan network integration and develop implementation strategy.
Tempoh Latihan440
Objektif PembelajaranUpon completion of this competency unit trainees will be able to:-
Identify network forecast and dimensioning
Develop design and solution
Detail planning requirement
Plan network integration
Develop Implementation strategy
The person who is competent in this CU shall be able to perform Packet Switch Core Network planning and development focusing on the dimensioning, forecast, network integration and strategy on network implementation.