Job Description (JD)

Nama ProgramPacket Switch Core Network Architecture [EE-037-5:2012]
Kod CUEE-037-5:2012-C03
Tajuk CUPacket Switch Operation and Maintenance Management
Penerangan CUO&M management need to be responsibled for controlling costs, tracking and reporting on health and safety issues, and expanding their activities. To support these activities, the O&M team must be aware of the various indicators that can be used to measure the quality or effectiveness of the O&M activities. Not only are these metrics useful in assessing effectiveness, but also useful in cost justification of equipment purchases, network modifications, and staff hiring. The personnel who are competent in the Operation and Maintenance management be able to manage operation expenditure (OPEX), manage Service Level Agreement and Service Level Guarantee. (SLA), Analyze Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Key Quality Indicator (KQI), manage and recommend network optimization and produce network performance report recommendation.
Tempoh Latihan400
Objektif PembelajaranUpon completion of this competency unit trainees will be able to:-
Manage Operation Expenditure (OPEX)
Manage Service Level Agreement (SLA) & Service Level Guarantee (SLG)
Analyze Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Key Quality Indicator (KQI)
Manage Network Optimization
Produce Network Performance Report and Recommendation
The person who is competent in this CU shall be able to perform Packet Switch Core Network Operation & Maintenance management focusing on budget, SLA/SLG, KPI/KQI and optimization.