Job Description (JD)

Nama ProgramPacket Switch Core Network Architecture [EE-037-5:2012]
Kod CUEE-037-5:2012-C01
Tajuk CUProject Management
Penerangan CUProject Management is focusing on providing an integrated framework for project organization, planning and control which is designed to ensure the timely and cost-effective project implementation, maintain acceptable standards of quality and achieve for the enterprise the benefit for which the investment in the project has been benefited in accordance with master plan and company policy.. The personnel who are competent in project management be able to initiate project rollout, carry out project monitoring & control and carry out project closure.
Tempoh Latihan300
Objektif PembelajaranUpon completion of this competency unit trainees will be able to:
Initiate project rollout
Carry out project monitoring & control
Carry out project closure
The person who is competent in this CU shall be able to perform Packet Switch Core Network project management to ensure timely and cost-effective project implementation while at the same time maintain acceptable standards of quality.