Job Description (JD)

Nama ProgramPacket Switch Core Network Engineering [EE-037-4:2012]
Kod CUEE-037-4:2012-C01
Tajuk CUProjectImplementation, CommissioningAnd TestingSupervision
Penerangan CUProject implementation, commissioning & testing supervision is focusing on planning execution of appropriate and adequate testing, commissioning, training, operation and maintenance activities during testing and commissioning phases; with its employees having expertise in different disciplines and experience dealing with consultants / partners / sub-contractors in accordance with rules and regulations and international standard body requirements. The person who completed this CU shall be able to identify project survey, plan schedule and project tracking, carry out logistic and delivery, coordinate installation and commissioning, coordinate integration and configuration, and produce project report.
Tempoh Latihan198
Objektif PembelajaranUpon completion of this competency unit trainees will be able to:
Identify Project Survey Requirement
Plan Schedule and Project tracking
Carry out Logistic and Delivery
Coordinate Installation and Commissioning
Coordinate Integration and configuration
Analyze and produce reports
The person who is competent in this CU shall be able to carry out supervision on project implementation, commissioning and test in accordance to rules and regulations and statutory body requirement.